I Spy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

I almost forgot about Earth Day, and haven’t prepared an activity for Mateo. So I quickly browsed Pinterest and decided to do I spy games. I would have wanted more meaningful activities than just printing, but this is good enough for now.

Mateo Plays | I Spy Earth Day

Until only recently, I was not keen to do I spy worksheets with the little kid. Then I read about visual motor skills, one area of which is visual processing. While I’m not sure if an I spy worksheet game actually counts as a visual processing activity, I consider it good enough.

Aside from visual processing (presumably, and for whatever that means), we practice counting and writing with the worksheets. It is an easy to prepare, no fuss preschool lesson presented as a fun activity.

Mateo Plays | I Spy Earth Day
You can barely see what he has written. He’s confident to write only the numbers 1, 3, 7, and 0.

I got our free Earth Day printables from the following:

Mateo Plays | I Spy Earth Day
“Easter egg hunt is the best, but printing is the bestest.” -Mateo, who fell in love with printing the first time he saw it done. He also loves worksheets, both printed at home and bought from the store.

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