A board game about YOU (at isang laro sa wikang Filipino)

One of the easy almost quiet activities for me and my kid are board games. They’re easy to play, which usually does not require me to run after the little one, and they even offer learning opportunities as well. However, good board games are a hard find. They may be too expensive (probably good but I can be a cheapskate), not yet suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, or are simply not worth the money. Enter DIY board games. I like to customize and personalize Mateo’s activities, anyway.

Browsing upon browsing on Pinterest gave me the idea to do this “About You” board game. If only I remember where I got the idea, I’d link it here (because I like giving credit where it is due). The board game takes advantage of Mateo’s competitiveness and desire to win, and along the game, enable him to answer the question and tell more about himself.

While the questions usually have straightforward answers, Mateo tends to expound more on it and add his stories. It becomes a rich conversation material for us. This is truly a very simple game that promotes his imagination, language, storytelling, and self-awareness. I like it so much that this is among the first materials I’m sharing with you, and hope you’ll like it, too.

How to play

The game is so simple, you’ll only need:

  • game pieces (we’ve used anything from wooden blocks, random toys to Candy Land pieces)
  • dice
  • printable ABOUT YOU AND ME board game

Print the board game. You can laminate it or simply print in a card stock and put in a clear file pouch to make it last longer. And you’re ready to play.

Roll the dice, take the number of steps, answer the question, and whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

Filipino version

In my desire to impart more Filipino activities for my little one, I’ve also made a Filipino version. It was disheartening when he used to not know how to answer, “Anong pangalan mo?” when he very well knows it in English. This is a more fun and effective way for him to learn our mother tongue.

I wish I could also do this in Ilocano (he’s actually asking for it). Perhaps that’s a bigger project in the future.

Free printable

Click the download image to, well, download it.

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