A trip to Bouncy Paradise

We traveled for an hour to have fun at Bouncy Paradise somewhere in the far west.

A trip to Bouncy Paradise | Mateo Plays

It was a play date with adings Klein and Trevor (2yo’s), although the three little kids did not play together. Solitary play is typical with toddlers their age. It was still mostly fun (and body ache for the adult me).

Mateo and I usually dislike big crowds so I did not expect much from this activity. To my delight, my kid had a blast! He even “adopted” himself to another family whom we do not know and played with them in the ball pit.

Children below three years old get to enter for free, but all other individuals including adults need to purchase a ticket worth $10 each. Despite the large number of people running around, even toddlers can have their own fun places since there are smaller bouncy castles more suitable to the smaller ones.

A trip to Bouncy Paradise | Mateo Plays

Snacks and drinks are sold inside the venue and are reasonably priced. You pay using cute coupons, which can be purchased at the same area.

Bouncy Paradise at PeopleUp Enrichment Hub runs only until Sunday, 6 October. I think worthwhile to visit, but don’t forget your socks!

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