The Water Cycle

It has been raining lately and Mateo once again asked where rain comes from. He has been introduced to the water cycle using a paper plate craft before, but now it’s time to level up our learning.

We did this activity with my crude drawing a few months back. We’re now doing an “experiment” using a bottle to show water condensation in action.

Condensation in a bottle activity

We only need a clear water bottle and water.

Put some water in the bottle and place it in a secure place, preferably where the sun shines.


Day 1. Start of the activity.

Day 2. There’s some water droplets near the cap. We didn’t notice it when we checked it, though. It has been cloudy lately so I did not expect much condensation.

Day 3. Now that’s some condensation.

Day 4. Water droplets around the bottle are obvious but not enough to make them trickle down the side. Maybe on hotter days?

I’m not expecting Mateo to really understand what’s happening. It’s just fun to see him excited to check out what has happened with the water bottle. As long as he’s happy and satisfied with our activity, I don’t see the need to explain everything in detail.

Water cycle craft activity

He loves his paper plate water cycle illustration that he wants us to make another one “for daddy.” He likes to involve everyone with his games and activities (he treats our activities as play time).

This time I made an illustration that can simply be printed, cut out and glued to a paper plate (or a cardboard cut into circle). Easy to replicate, easier to do.

Materials needed:

  • Water cycle print out
  • Round head paper fastener
  • Paper plate or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Cardboard (for the rotating hand/pointer)

Print, cut and glue. A little effort to put in the pointer/dial. Make sure to get the cycle right: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection. Done.

I’m putting off doing the new activity until he requests for it again. Save ink and paper as much as we can. For now, you can do it.

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