How to enjoy a finger painting messy fun activity

Finger painting sounds scary for parents but surely is fun for kids and even babies! Why would one willingly do this activity, especially at home, when it conjures up a messy image in your head? Because it’s a messy kind of fun that actually promotes healthy development in young children.

As they explore their world through this messy play, with paint running through their tiny hands, they gain healthy sensory development. It’s good for the kids, so just deal with the clean up lovingly and think of these four tips to enjoy the activity with your little one.

Embrace the mess

It’s going to be messy. Your child’s hands will get dirty – but with paint! – and even their clothes and surroundings may get that splatter of paint as well. But it’s part of the fun, it’s part of the process, and it will be a happy activity when you see how thrilled your child gets as they create art the messy kind of way.

Use washable non-toxic paint

Lessen your worry by getting the right kind of paint. There are paints particularly designed for finger painting, and even ones designed for babies/toddlers one year old and up. Yes, even babies can do finger painting.

If you have the patience and time, make your own paint so you know what stuff your child touches. This is preferred for toddlers who still tend to things (or hand) in their mouth. No Time for Flashcards have a recipe you can try here.

For older kids, washable poster paint that are labelled non-toxic are good enough. Read more on the difference between finger paint and regular poster paint here.

Choose the right clothes

Let your kid wear pambahay clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. Sure, the paint’s washable, but it’s better to minimize the troubles.

Another option is to use aprons or cover. I think a regular waterproof apron will serve the purpose, but there are aprons especially made for art activities like this. We haven’t tried them because I prefer just putting the clothes in the washing machine to save some effort.

Get the wipes ready

Have cleaning cloths (kitchen paper towels, wet wipes or washable cloths) ready to wipe out spilled paint or any unintended mess you want cleaned right away. We do our finger painting session on an easy to clean table in a non-carpeted area (I’m not fond of carpets, anyway).

I try not to overthink things (try is the word) so I only have these four tips for you to keep in mind. If I can say only one thing, then it’s for you to just enjoy.

Get your finger paints here

Disclosure: I get a small commission if you purchase through these links. Thank you!

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