Christ-centered Advent Calendar for Toddlers

It’s less than a week to December. We’re ready for a Christmas countdown (I’m a Filipino, but I still think a 100-day countdown is too much).

Last year, I started a little Christmas tradition with Mateo that’s not extravagant, somehow low effort, and Christ-centered. We had an Advent calendar that tells the story of Jesus and Christmas, and very much suitable for very young children. You can get your copy, free, from Happy Home Fairy.

I printed the printable containing the Bible verses on a sticker paper, cut each verse per day, and put them in their respective little envelopes (gift tag card envelopes). I placed them in a Christmas box we bought from Daiso.

Our Advent calendar took on a concept of a story book, with the daily stickers each having their corresponding slot on the DIY book made from colored papers. Each day, we open an envelope and Mateo puts the sticker in its place. Bonus activity: peeling the sticker and putting it on paper is a great fine motor skill activity for young children.

On Christmas, we have a complete story about the birth of Jesus. It’s a low key way of making sure Jesus remains the star of Christmas.

I almost forgot that I also included a coloring activity portion in the book. Mateo was not very interested in it, though. Turns out the sticker story is enough for him.

Advent Calendar 2019

For this year, I want to do a simpler calendar activity that still showcases Bible verses about Jesus. I’ll get my copy from As For Me. I’ll update this post once I’m done with this project. And I’m praying Mateo will appreciate it, even if the content is a bit too serious for a young learner. I’m simply relying on his love of reading for it to work this time.

Update: I simply made a new post. We took a bit more photos and video than originally planned.

What’s your own Christmas countdown tradition?

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