Advent Calendar, Christmas Countdown 2019

This is how our Advent Calendar would look this year.
Test print okay, test photo okay, and Mateo’s ready to do it. He climbed the table so he could be in the photo, too.
These are the materials we used.

The Advent calendar itself featuring the different names for Jesus can be downloaded from As for Me.

I made the December dates myself. They are of the same size as the Advent calendar from As for Me.

I print on A4 paper (120 GSM, but sturdier papers are better), but the material is letter-sized, so I had to do some more cutting than if I simply had letter-sized papers.

A peak on what we did. I was not actually planning to record this one, but Mateo took a hyperlapse video. So I simply put them together (and doubled the speed of the last clip).
I wanted to make the daily cards stand and get displayed like they are photos. Since we have lots of papers, origami was surely the way to go.

For the tutorial on how to do those cute photo frame corners, check out the photo tutorial from Paper Kawaii.

For those who prefer videos, here’s one. I plan to feature and display one day at a time only, not the accordion type of photo display.
We needed some container for the cards, and fortunately, my Kalita Wave box is a good fit.

Side note: I love my Kalita Wave, it’s a nice present for coffee lovers.

Waiting for December.

This is some Christmas tradition that I started with Mateo last year. Since we travel and go home before Christmas, I have to make our Advent calendar small and easy to transport.

Do you have your own Christmas countdown tradition?

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