Chess at three

Three years old is not too young to learn chess.

It was in Facebook games that Mateo got interested in chess. Or Harry Potter? He also saw it in YouTube. Then he kept on asking me about chess. So I digitally created a chess board with chess pieces. Print, laminate, cut and we got a chess board. (Message me if you want this printable.)

The pieces are a bit difficult to manage but I thought it was good enough to teach placements and moves.

Then on his fourth birthday, I saw a very cheap small chess board and got it for him. I though it was okay to get a cheap one since he’s just four! But now I wish I had gotten him a better set that’s not too tiny for adult hands.

He still likes chess. Too bad I’m just too bad at it that I cannot teach him strategies to improve his game. So if I see chess program for young kids, I would gladly let him try it out.

To compensate for my lack of chess skills, I let him play on computer or phone. My go to site is They have apps too for Android and Apple.

Preschoolers are not too young to learn chess

I still think that three is too young to teach chess unless they’re the ones who showed the interest first. I have even seen chess books and programs targeted to kids as young as two. The important thing is to not impose it on them. Exposing them to the game is enough. Encourage it when they show interest.

I almost shut down his interest in this game because I thought he was just too young! How could I teach that to someone who could not even read? He did not even know the letter “L” that time (so I taught him a zig-zag-zig move for the knight — figure it out). Thankfully, my positive demeanor prevailed and now he’s on track to be better than me.

Do you want a game of chess?

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