Peso play money FREE printable for you

Mateo likes the selling game, so I finally made play money for him and we’re sharing it with you. And it’s in Philippine pesos, ink-friendly, both colored and black & white.

I have no idea where Mateo learned about the selling game. How we do it: We initially have the same amount of “money” and take turns buying and selling items. It is a *game* so there’s a winner: whoever has more money wins, and whoever has less loses. Before I printed play money for him, we used sticks (like the pick up sticks) and each color represented a certain denomination.

While I honestly don’t enjoy this game, I suffer in silence play this with him because it is not some senseless activity. Pretend play (which is essentially what the selling game is about) is good for children’s development (Google it if you don’t believe me).

Moreover, it sharpens his numeric skills. He needs to pay 1000? He can give me two 500-peso bills. I also tend to make things a bit challenging for him. I sell for 10 pesos, but we only have the bills (and Philippine peso doesn’t have the 10-peso bill anymore). So he has to give me 50 and I’ll give 40 in return.

Lastly, the selling game promotes one’s entrepreneurial spirit. I sell an item for 50, and he sells it back to me for 1000. BIG profit right away. Perhaps I also need to teach him fairness. Although he agrees when I negotiate for a lower price.

He’s only four so I think our “rules” is a good enough activity for him. Next, I’ll probably teach him how to account for his items and money so he’ll know how to keep track of his income and expenditure. He has declared he wants to earn money, anyway. Watch out for Mateo selling his used items.

How to print

The printable is designed to be printed on a letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches). It is ready to be printed in duplex (back-to-back), and there are choices for colored or black and white. Each page can print 10 bills.

The first two pages features the whole set in color (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 bills). The next pages are colored, print back-to-back, on plain white bond paper. The last set is in black and white and can be printed on colored paper: orange-20, red-50, violet-100, green-200, yellow-500, and blue-1000. All are ready to be printed back-to-back (the second page of each denomination doesn’t have line guides for cutting).

I like to keep the colors close to the real one to make it a little bit more realistic. I made the design a bit plain and basic to save on ink, so at least I wanted to get the colors right. As a bonus, I typed in the denomination in words as you would see in real money.

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I hope you’ll enjoy this activity and printable. What do you want us to do next?

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