Where I Live (Philippines – Free Printable)

Where do you live? “Philippines,” Mateo finally says.

When I used to ask him that, he would say “Singapore.” I did not teach him how to answer that question since even I wouldn’t know what to tell him back then. We lived in Singapore and go home to the Philippines one or two times a year.

Then late last year, he decided he wanted to stay in the Philippines for good. And when we finally went to our homeland, he finally changed his answer.

I created a simple activity for him last year to show him where we live (up to provincial level). I have actually prepared a Singapore edition too (up to the unit level because it was easy to do, even if I had a bit of struggle with their political boundaries).

We only got to do the activity recently. It’s a simple cut and paste, which my almost five-year old find too easy or boring. I included a round image of the Earth just to show him that our planet is round and he said, “I already know that the Earth is round.” (Back in Singapore, we did not have a globe.)

He needed his Batman bag “for energy”.

How to do the activity

Cut the map outline at the bottom of the page. Find it in the map at upper part of the page and paste. This will hopefully give them an appreciation of where we are in the world.

At the Philippine map, refer to the country’s political map. Outline and color your province. You may also choose to put an X on your municipality.


Click on the button below to download. You will be directed immediately to the file.

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