Paper Worm Activity

We needed a simple, easy and low-prep activity and finally decided to do the paper worm we often see on Pinterest.

It is easy to do, but I don’t know why our paper worms do not behave as nicely as the ones we saw. Maybe we are too eager to make them move (we raced). Or perhaps our paper strip is a bit long.

Mateo did not want this on video so we’ll only upload images for this one.


  • paper (we used a nice thick magazine page)
  • scissors
  • straw (reusable preferred)
  • pen (optional)

How to do it

1. Cut a strip of paper.

2. Fold it in half and open again.

3. Fold one end to the middle. Fold again to the middle. Do at the other end as well.

4. Cut a curve. You may draw on it as a guide for your kid.

5. Unfold the whole thing. You may also draw them eyes to make it cute.

6. Blow through a straw to make them move. Enjoy the fun. Warning: This can be tiring for (already tired) adults.

How’s your paper worm?

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