DIY Crown Template – Free

Mateo wanted crowns for his birthday. Inspired by chess, he wants to be a king (not a prince). And he wanted all of us to wear crowns as well.

Crown template free download | Mateo Plays

I made the crown template on my own, and got the gem illustrations from I tried to keep them simple so they would be easy to cut. Since these are for adults, I made an extra strip to make it bigger. Children would just need a single strip and the crown detail to fit around their head.

Mateo chose his crown among the templates from First Palette, which required a lot of patience to cut. I initially planned to make this a craft activity for Mateo — print the crown without colors and print the gems separately so he could color and glue them to the crown. That’s why I recreated their chosen template. But then I changed my mind and forgot that First Palette already have a full color version of the crown.

Crown template | Mateo Plays

I still included a black and white outline version in the printable template so you’ll have an option to make this a coloring craft activity.


  • card stock (letter size 120 gsm paper is good enough) or a photo paper to make it prettier
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • paper clip (optional, for easy crown size adjustment)
Crown template free download | Mateo Plays


  1. Print the template.
  2. Cut along the lines. Children would need just one strip to go around the crown piece, but adults may need two.
  3. Glue the cut pieces together.
  4. You can fix the crown size with a glue, or use paper clips to secure it instead so they’d be easy to adjust.
  5. Have fun playing pretend royalty.
Crown template free download | Mateo Plays


Click on the button below to download. You will be directed immediately to the file.

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Crown template free download | Mateo Plays