Felt Shapes for Toddlers

Until just recently, we used to travel regularly by plane to go home (or vacation) to the Philippines. That was when we were still living in Singapore and travelling was normal.

For such trips, I always prepare a busy bag for the little one to keep him *busy* during travel. I prefer DIY toys and activities so that it won’t be such a waste if they get lost in transit. Tape rolls (preferably paper ones) are actually among the things I regularly bring: no prep needed, entertains the toddler a lot, good for fine motor skills, and really meant to be used up.

Felt shapes for toddlers | Mateo Plays 2020

One easy prep activity is this felt shapes suitable for toddlers. It is still a worthwhile and inexpensive activity to make even now that travelling is not advisable. Felt cloth stick to each other (like magic; I was actually surprised when I first learned this). Toddlers would find it easy to play with them.

Materials needed

  • felt cloth (preferably with self-adhesive)
  • more felt cloth in different colors (not self-adhesive)
  • board (about A4/letter size or whatever’s your preference)
  • craft glue (tacky glue) or glue gun
Felt shapes for toddlers | Mateo Plays 2020

How to make

  1. Stick felt cloth to your board. An easier option is to use a self-adhesive felt cloth. If you can’t find a self-adhesive one, stick the cloth with a glue stick or a craft/tacky glue (stickier version of white glue). Using a regular white glue may work but you have to be more patient in letting it dry. Felt cloth is a bit tricky to stick together with regular glue.
  2. Cut the other felt cloth (not the self-adhesive kind) into different shapes in varying sizes. Go conservative (the common shapes) or go crazy (clouds, flowers, irregular shapes).
  3. Use this as an introductory lesson for shapes, or just let your toddlers enjoy it however they want.
Felt shapes for toddlers | Mateo Plays 2020
Mateo was one year old (almost two) in this photo. This version was made for travelling, but we also made a bigger one for playing at home.

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