Filipino numbers memory matching game

While Mateo has a good grasp of counting even to thousands (in English), he is almost clueless with counting in Filipino. He can recite counting from isa to sampu, and sometimes even to dalawampu, but not good enough to know that anim is 6 (or 6 is anim). We have to level up our Filipino game.

So I thought of a game to make it fun for him learning the numbers. Matching memory game cards to match the numerals to the word (1 to isa, etc.).

I printed our cards on a 200 gsm vellum board and just cut them into rectangle pieces. But it cannot withstand constant flipping from a child. So I ended up laminating it and cutting along the plain supposed-to-be-decorative border to make it prettier. It turned out nice but the extra steps were not something I am actually willing to do.

If I had the foresight to laminate it from the start, I would have simply laminated the whole sheet and cut them into rectangular pieces. Plain, but still functional.

The game is simple. Randomly lay down the cards on a table. Flip open two cards at a time and keep them when they match. It can be played solo, but Mateo loves playing with me so we take turns flipping cards finding a match.

He still occassionally asks me for the correct answers. Still taking it slow for my English speaking kid. We hope you enjoy it like we do. 😊

Here’s the set from one to ten. Eleven to 20 are also included in the printable, but we’re only using up to ten.

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