Sharing our journey of learning through play

Kids learn best through play, and given that, I want my child, Mateo, to enjoy a lot of play time and let him have a carefree experience of exploring the world. I want him to treasure and maintain his inquisitiveness while simply being a child — with lots and lots of play.

Fortunately, or perhaps because I follow his lead on his interests, he loves learning, and actually likes answering worksheets. I typically agree to recommendations of not relying on worksheets for preschoolers, but Mateo asks for it so it has become part of our activities. I supply him both with locally available workbooks and with materials I get from the internet.

I tend to be particular and meticulous with our activities, though, and sometimes I cannot find the materials that I want (because most online resources are Western-made) or that a bit too expensive to my liking. I figured I can make some of them myself.

I would love to spread the value of letting kids be kids and have fun learning, so I’m sharing most of our resources for free! Join us and subscribe to get regular updates on our adventures and your freebies.

Meet me and my kid

Who am I to confidently share learning materials with everyone? I’m Kate, with a background in economics. Oops, not early childhood or anything. I was actually beginning to work on my PhD dissertation when I got pregnant, and due to personal issues and priorities, I’ve put that behind and embraced this motherhood thing.

Due to my experience in research, I like to read about science-backed ways to promote learning in children I read blogs and articles of people who are expert on this area, and if they talk about things that have been based on more recent peer-reviewed research, then that’s even better.

I will share the great things that they do, but I’ll also come up with my own content and materials. This is especially helpful to cater to our own society and heritage. We are Filipinos living abroad in another Asian country, and we really do not care about Thanksgiving festivities but prefer to embrace Buwan ng Wika celebrations and other local festivities.

Now meet Mateo, my four-year old energetic kid. This blog idea started more as a personal project, hence our name, but our focus will be on the resources and materials that you’ll enjoy with your kid. Welcome to Mateo Plays!

Cheers and with love,

Kate and Mateo

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